In this section You can find all kinds of shamanic tools and accessories which you can use to store them. Here we also have many handcrafts for decorating Your residences , charms and jewellery for delight .


name of a model and galery

Elvish hunters knife


Fast cuting steal, acid engraved. It cuts wood as well as metal. Handle is made of cherry-tree incrusted with copper. Elve wouldn’t be ashamed of this one.

Talking stick


Stick serves for proper conversation. It's got all needed ettributes like dear's horn, rabbit's fur, owl's feather, so the one can speak true stories with bright mind and clean heart. Granite head gives a good base.

Ritual dagger



Elvish Wand

Fan for incensing

A gift of nature binded by human hand . It's used for incensing many objects and people...

This fan is made of feathers - in this case these are magpie's

Old hazel futhark


In magic bellows, which let the energy flow, lives old futhark (24 runes), branded on wooden discs, secured by bee-wax . We can use it for everything- from secret alphabet, in which we write spell , love-letter or sign yourself, to a divination, getting an answer for your questions and choosing the proper way of life.


Jewellery , charms and amulets

Evening Star

The light of this star is to disrupt the darkness the same without as within, return it’s owner’s thoughts on to the way of knowlage and protect from negative energies on the path into the unknown. Necklace made of black oak wood and Amber.

The elfish' water drop charm



Morning Star



Elven charm of Rain

Size: 4 cm x 2 cm

Fluorite rain drops strung on a silver thread opens us on a reflection and divert from everyday life while rose quartz in the center permanently reminds us about love .

Tree of power

Size: 45mm*30mm*5mm

Bee-waxed hazel piece with parrot feathers and an awenturine in a silver . A person wearing the charm Tree of power is specially protected by nature . The tree shelters agains evil powers and increases the inner power of its owner.

Elven charm of Chaos

Size: 2 cm wide, 4 cm long

By magic of chaos it was made , charm keeps a secret of a creation without a creation and a formula in chaos, in its center there's a fluorite stone for balance and harmony in our hearts.

Elven charm of infinity

Size: 2 cm wide, 3 cm long

Silver spiral of infinity leads us to its center where we suprisingly find a rose quartz filled with love..your heart needs that.

Tree of life

Size: width 6 cm , length 6,5 cm

Neckless made of oak tree soaked in the river for 50 years. Still it's not black oak yet, but distinguishing from the black one, it's really stiff one, which made it dificult to sculpture. At the tree's roots there is polished quartz, wich very beautifully, opalizes in the light.Why "The Tree of Life" ...guess yourself.

Elven charm of light

Size: 3 cm wide, 4 cm long

Rose quartz binded in silver, which imitates elven wings weaved from spiral of infinity, the stone contains love wafted on wings to an infinite light.

Shaman shell charm

Size: 3 x 3 cm

Sea shell with lighten beads symbolise the element of water, partridge feathers remind the element of air. Rattling of charm brings calm and brightness to your mind.

Saline charm of sea

Size: 3 cm long

Piryte salt crystal binded in silver, its intensive blue color allows to purify and open your throat chakra, it also increases your creative expression and open-heartedness to the whole world.

Charm of the Lewiatan

Size: 5 x 5cm

Here is a husk of a legendary Lewiatan, an ancient whale , who thought about "unknown" ages before . It's binded in silver with a little fluorite in its heart, it strenghtens Your heart, and leads you openly on your way to the another side of reality.



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