Our instruments serve mainly for playing and shamanic practices. Its quality proves that it was made with special care, and with heart. Using them only as a decoration would be like using a car only for watching and washing.

Some of this instruments are available off-hand, but most of them however, are made bespoke and they won't be identical with those on pictures.

Drums | Rattles


The name and galery

(large djembe)

Leather: goat leather
Wood: black alder
Sizes: height apr. 55cm diameter 26cm

Largest posible gamut of sounds (from very heigh frequencies to deep bass). Sculptured mascaron is painted with gold. Whole drum is painted red with rustical moordant and preserved with bee wax, mixed with damara, and venice terpentine.

(large djembe)
Leather: goat leather
Wood: birch-tree
Sizes: height apr. 55cm diameter 30cm

Superb "bass reflex" with saved mid-heigh frequency sounds. Birch-tree and relatively thick leather gives a very pleasant and warm tone which fits to the relief at the base of the drum. May "the mushrooms" and "leaves" bestow the one who will be playing on it with calmness of mind. ;-)

Shamanic drum
Leather: goat
Wood: plywood
Sizes: height apr.8cm diameter 30cm

The most trustworthy shamanic drum. Practically insensitive to weather conditions - it plays both well in a desert and in a tropical forest, thanks to djembe like string adjustment (see the galery)

Wolf shamanic


Leather: goat
Wood: plywood
Sizes: height apr.8cm diameter 30cm

Besides it's relibility the drum perform it's shaman job - helps to come into uncommon states of mind, its sound elevates us far away....And the Wolf-guide is watchful over this all or any other, who you dreamt would guide you .



Birch-tree rattle
Wood: birch-tree
Sizes: height apr.10cm diameter 7cm

Very simple and loud rattle made of birch wood. The sound effectively protects the shaman from sleeping ;-)

Native's rattle
Leather: dear, goat or cow
Sizes: height apr.22cm diameter 10cm

A rattle of North-American Indians, all made of dried Leather, painted red. It has got a characteristic dumb rattling... very trance-genic and pleasant hum.





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