All our instruments and accesories are hand made with usage of old methods. This style of creation gives the performer time for mind working... as you all know thoughts have got special creative force that can influence our material world.

It means that each thing that comes under our chisel, are made "by a person, for a person" with clear and strong intention.

We are trying to use only natural materials if it is only possible, and if it isn't in conflict with durability and functionality. We also have some really old and unique methods of preserving, with use of a special mixture of bee wax, damara (a resin of african tree), and venice terpentine. Our jewellery is also hand made, and treated in old slavic ,prechristianic style.

Maybe some day there will be a little child that will visit your attic, and will find an old dusty chest. Driven by an interest of world it will open the chest, there will be lying beautiful, strange and magical things that belonged to its grandmother or father. Thanks to mental information and spirits hidden within this shamanic tools and instruments of its ancestors, she or he will follow them on the pathway of shamans - the guardians of knowledge and protectors of the world...





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